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Cervical Pneumatic Neck Device X-Large  20  - 23
This Portable Neck Therapy device inflates with air and gives a slight stretch to give relief from m..
Clinical Cervical Traction Device w/Clevis (Specify)
Traction Device * Pulls at the base of the occiput for more effective cervical traction and adapts e..
ComforTrac Cervical Traction Device
The angle of incline can easily be adjusted to 10ø 15ø or 20ø as advised by a healthcare provider ..
Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pumpñ Blue
Combines both Neck & Back Exercisers into one * Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED©) ..
Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pumpñ Grey Medical Version
MEDICAL VERSION * Provides approximately 20% more Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) than our..
Head Halter For Cervical Traction - Universal
Head Halter * Accessory used with Overdoor Traction unit (model 2056A) *..
Mattress Clamp Cervical Traction Kit
Traction * Kit includes: Head Halter Notched spreader bar rope 20 Lb vinyl bag and mattress clamp..
Mattress Clamp Pelvic Traction Set
Set * Kit contains: 20 spreader bar 9 ' rope 20 lb. water bag pelvic belt and large base aluminu..
NeckPro Cervical Traction (0192)
Attach NeckPro bracket to the top of a door * NeckPro is an FDA-Registered cervical traction device ..
Overdoor Traction Set
Complete Kit includes: Heavy-duty head halter comes complete with metal support and self-attaching c..
Patient Data Cards for TX Pk/25
Patient Data Cards * Can be used with the Intelect Legend XT System # 2763 2786K 2760K and the 278..
Patient Interrupt Switch TX
Patient Interrupt Switch * Accessorie for CHAT4759..
Posture Pumpñ Cervical Disc Hydratorñ  Blue
Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression(EED©) compressed cervical joints and discs are simultan..
Posture Pumpñ Cervical Disc Hydratorñ Medical Version Grey
Medical version * Employs Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED©) compressed cervical joints and..
Posture Pumpñ Elliptical Back Rocker Blue
Relieves back stiffness and discomfort * Dual inflation mechanism gradually lifts stretches and sep..