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Adapter Bar  Hang-Ups
Adaptable Bar * Compatiable with item number 201003 Gravity Boots *..
Gravity Boots Only (pair) for Inversion Table
Used with EZ-Up Rack Inversion Bar and F5000 Inversion Table * One Size Fits Most * Ratcheting Sel..
Inversion Table  Hang-Ups #EP-550
EP550 * Hang UpsĀ© inversion table can help reduce back pain improve circulation and fight compressi..
Inversion Table Hang-Ups #EP-950 Manual(Home Use)
TABLE EP950 * Large over EZ Handles * EZ Stretch Traction Handles * Ratchet ankle lock system * EZ a..
Inversion Table(EP-550) with CV Bar & Gravity Boots
Kit includes inversion table CV bar and Gravity boots * EP550 * Hang UpsĀ© inversion table can help ..