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Arthritic's Pen
A soft light weight foam ball 2.75 diameter with a stick pen in it * Gives a comfortable grip for p..
Cursive Handwriting Workbook
The beginning student workbook for cursive * Children learn to write neatly with speed and confiden..
Cursive Teacher's Guide
Provides many interesting tips to make cursive appealing * Instructors will learn unique multi-senso..
Easy Writing Paper
Developed by an Occupational Therapist as an aid to effectively teach children both manuscript and c..
Designed to alleviate the pain of writing associated with arthritis and other hand afflictions * Com..
Let's Get Ready Program
A developmental motor skills program for speech and OT this is a month-by-month guide to coordinati..
Letters & Numbers For Me Workbook (Kindergarten Level)
Student workbook used with the wood pieces and slate chalkboard * Helps children learn correct lette..
My Printing Book
Capital letters and numbers should be taught and reviewed before beginning this book * The emphasis ..
Pen And Pencil Cushion Pk/2
package of 2 * Are designed in shape and density to alleviate stress while providing a secure grip *..
Ring Pen
Writing instrument * One finger through the ring creates a solid grip and the ergonomically designed..
Ring Writer Clip ( Set of 25)
Jar of 25 (10 small 10 med 5 Lrg) * Automatically positions and angles the implement correctly for..
Ring Writer Clip (Set of 3) (1S  1M  1L)
Bag of 3 (1small 1 med 1 Lrg) * Automatically positions and angles the implement correctly for use..
Steady Write Writing Pen
Steady write writing instrument * Designed to help improve the handwriting of people with arthritis..