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Cable Release  Bailey
Description Coming Soon!..
PT Stool with Casters(Bailey)
This compact sturdy stool glides easily in all directions on 3 ball bearing casters and requires o..
Push-Up Blocks (pair)
These blocks are designed to develop upper body strength and may be used on mats or in bed * Hardwoo..
Stall Bars
versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for sports medicine clinics gyms schools and hospitals ..
Tricep Exerciser
excellent wheelchair accessible fitness machine designed to improve upper body strength targeting t..
Upholstered Mat Table 3X6'x20  w/2  Mat
Stationary Mat table has been specially designed to provide an ample exercise area to the height mos..
Upholstered Top Hi-Low Mat Table 5'x7'x2
Height electrically adjusted from 23 - 32 *..