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2.5v Halogen Light Dermascope
Skin surface microscope for detecting lesions * Bright 2.5v halogen illumination and 10x optic syste..
5  Low Air Loss & APP Overlay Mattress System
5 Deep * For use in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores * High Volume pump produces 8 li..
5  Low Air Loss Mattress System w/ 3  Foam Base
Med-Aire Assure 5 Air + 3 Foam Base Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress System. Active ..
8  Low Air Loss & A.P.P. Mattress System
8 Deep * For use in the prevention and treatment of decubitis ulcer * The quiet high volume pump p..
8  Low Air Loss/Alternating Pressure Mattress System
The Protekt Aire 4000 is the 1st defense for facilities to treat pressure ulcers stages I-IV * The h..
Alpha Active Static Switching System
Alpha Active Static Switching System..
Alternating Pressure Pump&Pad w/Flaps Adj 35.5 Wx78.5 L
Enables clinician to control interface pressure by adjusting air flow * Manual air flow adjustment ..
Bariatric Low Air Loss & APP System  80X42X10  (inflated)
80 x 42 x 10 600 Lbs. Weight Capacity * Ideal for use in nursing homes hospitals and home use *..