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Amber Latex Tubing +AC0- Id 1/8  Wall 1/16  Od 1/4
ID- 1/8 * WALL-1/16 * O.D.- 1/4 * (.125x.062x.250) * Smooth seamless flexible rubber tubing in 50 ..
Amber Latex Tubing +AC0- Id 3/16  Wall 1/8   Od 7/16
ID- 3/16 * WALL-1/8 * O.D.- 7/16 * ( .187x.125x.437) * Smooth seamless flexible rubber tubing in 5..
CuraFoam Foam Dressing 4  x 4.25   Box 10
CuraFoamTM Foam Dressing * Maintains a moist environment while preventing bacterial contamination *..
DynaGinate AG Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing 4 x5  Bx/10
DynaGinateTM AG Silver Calcium Alginate Dressing * Provides 3 days of continuous antibacterial prote..
DynaGinate Calcium Alginate Dressing 4.25 x4.25  Bx/10
DynaGinateTM Calcium Alginate Dressing * Used as a topical wound dressing for moderate to high exudi..
DynaLevin Bordered Foam 4 x4  Waterproof Adh Dressing Bx/10
DynaLevinTM Waterproof Adhesive Bordered Foam Dressing * High absorbency while obtaining a moist en..
FoamFlex Foam Dressing 4 x4  Non+AC0-Adh Sterile Waterprf Bx/10
FoamFlexTM Non-Adhesive Waterproof Foam Dressing * Sterile foam dressing with a semi-permeable film ..
Thermoskin Elbow Wrap Arthritic  Beige  Extra Large
Anatomically shaped with an adjustable velcro closure to allow flexibility with ease of application ..