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2.5v Rechargable Battery for Pocketscope
2.5 V Rechargeable Battery (Blue) for PocketScope: * Warranty: TWO YEAR WARRANTY * Shipping Weights ..
3.5v Halogen Std Diagnostic Set w/MacroView Oto & Ophthal
WITH MACROVIEW OTOSCOPE * Without Nasal Illuminator * Includes WA23820 MacroView Otoscope WA11710 O..
Advantage Rail Portable Floor Plate Silver
Silver Floor plate * Portable-Rail/Pole quickly secure and release from a low profile floor mounted..
Bariatric Mattress Cover(Each) Zippered: 80  x 42
For Bariatric Mattresses * 80 x 42 * Designed to keep mattress clean and protected from dust inc..
Body Wrap  Hot/Cold
Designed for treatment of neck shoulder arm leg knee and back pain * It also helps relieve stoma..
Button/Zipper Hook Combination
The Button Hook has a specialty formed stainless steel wire loop which goes through the clothing eye..
CBD Oil Pure Hemp Drops 1500 mg  1 oz Blue Jay - Mint
Phytocannabinoid-Rich Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract with ..
ColPac Freezer
33 1/2 H x 21 1/4 W x 26 D * 5 cubic feet of spacious capacity with 4 convenient quick freeze shelve..
Combination Dressing Stick & Shoe Horn  24
Length: 24 * Specially angled large hook that holds and pulls clothing without the clothing slippin..
Composite Wrist Brace  Right Medium  Wrist Circum: 6 -7
Provides immobilization for weak or injured wrists * Removable palmar stay and two medial/lateral st..
Donning Gloves Jobst Medium (Pair)
Size : Medium * These JOBST donning gloves will help you and your patients/customers put on JOBST ho..
Donning Gloves Jobst Small (Pair)
Size: Small * These JOBST donning gloves will help you and your patients/customers put on JOBST hosi..
Dress E-Z Dressing Aid 24  w/Shoehorn
24 Long * Versatile push-pull S-hook with non-slip cap allows for better control when handling clot..
Ergo+AC0-Wave Intersegmental Table
* Unique wave Action * 3 independents rollers repeating every 13 seconds * Storage shelf * Low maint..