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Carebag Commode Pail Liners (20-1/2x15-3/4 ) 16 oz. Bx/20
The CareBag? Disposable Commode Liner is designed to safely collect transport and dispose of body f..
Commode Pail Liners Pack/7 Carex
Pack/7 * Carex Commode liners provide caregivers a convenient solution to easier commode cleaning an..
Hammer Toe Cushion Large Right
RIGHT * Large * Men 9-11 * Soft felt-covered pad supports bent-under hammer claw mallet and arth..
Insufflator Bulb- Tube & Tip
Includes tube with tip * Fits WA20000 & WA25020*..
Lotion Applicator
The easy way to apply lotion or gel to the back without twisting * Fill the applicator and let the 1..
Lotion Applicator  Swiveling  Long Handled
Velvety soft high end cosmetic grade applicator * 23 long handle - reduces the need to bend stre..
Mobile Whirlpool  Turbine 18
Replace. Turbine - 18 Depth Mobile Whirlpool. Mobile turbines use a reverse-pump and hose assembly ..
Nail Clipper Magnifying
Easy to use 3X magnifier * Bright LED light makes it easy to see * ABS Plastic stainless steel clipp..
Nail File & Clipper Combination Set
Nail file and clipper combination set is designed for people who can't grasp or use small hand-held ..
Razor Holder Long Handle
Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor * This handy aide will assist a person to shav..
Red Rubber Robinson Catheters 16fr  Pack/10
16 French Bx/10 * Two opposing eyes * Smooth rounded tip * Integral tapered funnel end * Radiopaque..
Replacement Sponges for Lotion Appl(Pk/2)*Maddak brand only
Replacement sponges for lotion Applicator * To attach new sponges peel the paper off the adhesive ..
Replacement Sponges only for Lotion Applicator 3134A
Bag of 2 replacement sponges for Lotion applicator item # 3134A * 2 thick x 3 ? diameter * Velvet..
Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Roll Easy lotion Applicator * Lotion applicator that massages the body while applying ointments cre..
Suction Bath Footrest Safe+AC0-er+AC0-Grip
Position at any height for shaving in the shower * Angled for better balance * Mounts directly on sh..