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Carebag Commode Pail Liners (20-1/2x15-3/4 ) 16 oz. Bx/20
Carebag Commode Pail Liners (20-1/2x15-3/4 ) 16 oz. Bx/20..
Commode Pail Liners Pack/7 Carex
Pack/7 * Carex Commode liners provide caregivers a convenient solution to easier commode cleaning an..
Hammer Toe Cushion Large Right
RIGHT * Large * Men 9-11 * Soft felt-covered pad supports bent-under hammer claw mallet and arth..
Insufflator Bulb- Tube & Tip
Includes tube with tip * Fits WA20000 & WA25020* Average lead time for shipping: 2 + days...
Lotion Applicator
The easy way to apply lotion or gel to the back without twisting * Fill the applicator and let the 1..
Lotion Applicator  Swiveling  Long Handled
Velvety soft high end cosmetic grade applicator * 23 long handle - reduces the need to bend stre..
Mobile Whirlpool  Turbine 18
Replace. Turbine - 18 Depth Mobile Whirlpool. Mobile turbines use a reverse-pump and hose assembly ..
Nail Clipper Magnifying
Easy to use 3X magnifier * Bright LED light makes it easy to see * ABS Plastic stainless steel clipp..
Nail File & Clipper Combination Set
Nail File & Clipper Combination Set..
Razor Holder Long Handle
Designed to hold either an electric or a safety razor * This handy aide will assist a person to shav..
Red Rubber Robinson Catheters 16fr  Pack/10
16 French Bx/10 * Two opposing eyes * Smooth rounded tip * Integral tapered funnel end * Radiopaque..
Replacement Sponges for Lotion Appl(Pk/2)*Maddak brand only
Replacement sponges for lotion Applicator * To attach new sponges peel the paper off the adhesive ..
Replacement Sponges only for Lotion Applicator 3134A
Replacement Sponges only for Lotion Applicator 3134A..
Roll Easy Lotion Applicator
Roll Easy lotion Applicator * Lotion applicator that massages the body while applying ointments cre..
Suction Bath Footrest Safe-er-Grip
Position at any height for shaving in the shower * Angled for better balance * Mounts directly on sh..