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Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes 2  Round  Cs/40
Self-Adhesive * 10 packs of 4 each 40/case * Pure conductive silver layer * Stainless steel mesh an..
PortRod Height Measure Kit
Height Rod with Wall Mount Kit: *Lightweight and portable wall mount height rod *Includes mounting ..
PT Stool with Casters(Bailey)
This compact sturdy stool glides easily in all directions on 3 ball bearing casters and requires o..
Push-Up Blocks (pair)
These blocks are designed to develop upper body strength and may be used on mats or in bed * Hardwoo..
Stall Bars
versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for sports medicine clinics gyms schools and hospitals ..
Upholstered Top Hi-Low Mat Table 5'x7'x2
Height electrically adjusted from 23 - 32 *..