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BlueJay Brand Orthopedic Planogram-2' Section
60 piece unit * Containing the following items: BJ215231 2 SM 2 MD 2 LG 2 XL Blue Jay Slip-On Kne..
Buhl Spirometer
Spirometer * Indicator registers forced vital lung capacity up to 7 liters * Needle stays at maximu..
Filter Masks (Pk 5)Dome-Shaped
Filter masks help protect lungs from harmful fumes and dust * Masks are extra lightweight making the..
Mouthpieces  Disposable(Bx/50) For #164 Incentive Spirometer
Standard mouthpiece with 15mm and 22mm O.D. connections *..
Pessary #2 Shaatz 2.00
# 2* Used for a first to second degree prolapse and an accompanying cystocele * All pessaries are ma..
Pillow Upgrade for Lift Chair
Head Pillow: * Standard on PR-502 * Available as an option on all other models * Style may vary..
ProStyle Hinged Knee Support X-Large  17  - 19
Designed to give you the comfort of an elastic support with the therapeutic properties of heat with..
Triflow II Incentive Exerciser (Deep Breathing)
Triflo II flow-oriented is a 3-ball incentive spirometer * Wide flow rate range from 600 - 1200cc/s..
Voldyne Spirometer Incentive Spirometer  Pediatric
Volume measurement up to 2500 mL accommodates pediatric inspired volumes * Colorful child-oriented ..
Voldyne Volumetric Exerciser Spirometer  2500ml
Voldyne Incentive Spirometer 2 500 mL * Volume measurement designed to accommodate large inspired ..
Voldyne Volumetric+AC0-Incentive Spirometer  5000 ml
This item is disposable One time use only. * Volume measurement up to 5000 mL accommodates large in..