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Abductor/Contracture Cushion 10  x 14  x 12
Prevents leg contracture and abduction in bed * Secures behind knees * Patient can sleep on either ..
Body Aligner w/Blue Cover 6  X 24  X 9
6 X 24 X 9 * Positioning Wedge 33 degrees w/cover * Maintains patient's position while reducing p..
Foot Cradle-Fits 16 -18  W/C
This unique foot cradle prevents foot drop controls flexion contracture and positions the legs on t..
In+AC0-Between+AC0-The+AC0-Knee Pillow Polyurethane Foam
Contoured leg pillow made from high quality polyurethane foam * Helps relieve pain and pressure on ..
Irrigation Tray 60cc With Bulb Syrringe
WITH BULB SYRINGE * 1200cc LIDDED * Tray includes: 500cc graduate waterproof drape alcohol prep and..
Knee Elevator Wedge Cushion 17  X 10  X 6  Poly Foam
Elevates the knees to relieve stress on lower spine * Polyurethane foam * Removable white washable c..
Knee Pillow  Memory Foam
Ergonomically designed to provide ideal spinal alignment to help reduce lower back leg hip ankle ..
Philadelphia Collar W/ Trach Hole Ped. 8-11   1 3/4  H
philadelphia? tracheotomy collar * Anterior and posterior rigid plastic reinforcement supports limit..
Podiatry Whirlpool 15 Gallon Mobile
These specialized units provide the ultimate in hydrotherapy treatment for the foot and ankle areas ..
Therapeutic Arthritis Gloves Extra Large  10?  - 11?
Provides comfortable warming relief with mild compressive support * Constructed with a real bamboo ..
Transfer Handle Hospital Model Single Handle+AC0- Spring Style
Transfer Handle Hospital Model Single Handle- Spring Style..