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Amputee Support  7x10 Pad (Fits 7/8  Tubing)
* Fits 7/8 Tubing * Multi-Axis hardware has 3 pivot points * Can be used on either left or right of..
BreathEasy CPAP Pillow
Sleeping with a breathing mask can be challenging* The BreathEasy Pillow has notches cut out on the ..
Cando Deluxe ABS Inflatable Ball  65cm (25.6 )  Green
Made with a vinyl that is specially formulated to release air slowly if a sharp object like a pen or..
Cane Tips for 1  Cane Diameter Black (Pair)  Retail Box
Black cane tips to fit 1 diameter canes * Retail box of 1 pair..
Clinical Cervical Traction Device w/Clevis (Specify)
Traction Device * Pulls at the base of the occiput for more effective cervical traction and adapts e..
ComforTrac Cervical Traction Device
The angle of incline can easily be adjusted to 10? 15? or 20? as advised by a healthcare provider ..
Deluxe Full Spine Posture Pump Blue Retail Model
RETAIL MODEL AVAILABLE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION * (Full spine model with single neck air cell) * Combine..
DynaLevin Bordered Foam 4 x4  Waterproof Adh Dressing Bx/10
DynaLevinTM Waterproof Adhesive Bordered Foam Dressing * High absorbency while obtaining a moist en..
Head Halter For Cervical Traction - Universal
Head Halter * Accessory used with Overdoor Traction unit (model 2056A) *..
Jobst Relief Petite 20-30 K/H Open-Toe Large Beige (pair)
Knee High (Open Toe) * Beige * 20-30 mmHg * Large * Ankle Circ. 10 - 11 3/8 * Calf Circ 12 1/2 - ..
Jobst U/S 8-15 Thigh-Hi Bronze  Small
Thigh High * Sun Bronze * Small * Shoe size 4.5- 6.5 * 8-15 mmHg * With over 50 years experience in..
Overdoor Traction Set
Complete Kit includes: Heavy-duty head halter comes complete with metal support and self-attaching c..
Patient Data Cards for TX Pk/25
Patient Data Cards * Can be used with the Intelect Legend XT System # 2763 2786K 2760K and the 278..
Patient Interrupt Switch TX
Patient Interrupt Switch * Accessorie for CHAT4759..