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Fetal Dopplex  I + (With Fixed 2 mHz Transducer)
Fetal pulse detector with LCD display of fetal heart rate fixed 2 MHz transducer and built-in louds..
Fetal Dopplex II (Choose Transducer)
Included with one transducer either 2 MHz or 3 MHz for fetal heart detection * Advanced pocket Dopp..
Geo+AC0-Matt Therapeutic Foam Overlay +AC0- Full 52 Wx72 Lx3.5H
CONSUMER SIZES (DOES NOT INCLUDE SOFT SKIN) * Full (double) Size (52 W x 72 L ) * Geo-Matt therap..
Geo+AC0-Matt Therapeutic Foam Overlay w/ Soft Skin Sleeve
With Soft Skin Sleeve Fitted Size (33 x 72 x 3.5 ) * Geo-Matt therapeutic overlay is used by tho..
LifeDop Doppler w/5MHz  Probe
Superior sound quality * Extended battery life * Enhanced probe sensitivity * One-year full warranty..
Scalpel #15 Disposable Generic Bx/10  w/Safety Guard
STANDARD- WITH SAFETY GUARD * #15 Bx/10 * Satisfies regulatory guidelines for safe handling of sharp..