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Darco Med-Surg Shoe Black Square-Toe Women's Medium
Shoe / Women * Medium 6.5-8 *The DARCO MedSurg Shoe is the most versatile post-operative shoe on the..
Geri-Chair Cozy Seat With Backrest & Legrest
Backrest Seat & Legrest * Protects against skin tears and relieves pressure * Ample foam padding..
Packing Strips Iodoform Gauze 1/2  x 5 Yards  (each)
WITH IODOFORM * 1/2 x 5 Yds 1 Strip/Bottle* Ideal for use as nasal packing drainage wicks or for..
Tray Table only for use on 537 series Recliners
Molded activity table can be fixed in position or left unsecured for easy exit from the recliner *..