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Adhesive Peel-n-Stick Heat Body Warmer 3.5  x 5  (Each)
3-1/2 x 5 Product size * Peel-n-Stick the Heating Pad You Can Wear * It provides soothing comfo..
Agility Ladder
This 15 ladder has 9 rungs that can easily be moved to adjust the stride length * The straps on eac..
Amputee Support  7x10 Pad (Fits 1  Tubing)
* Fits 1 Tubing * Multi-Axis hardware has 3 pivot points * Contoured pads are all-black textured ur..
Amputee Support  7x10 Pad (Fits 7/8  Tubing)
* Fits 7/8 Tubing * Multi-Axis hardware has 3 pivot points * Can be used on either left or right of..
Bubble Inclinometer
Plastic Material * Measures range-of-motion * Inclinometer measurement techniques have been codified..
Bubble Level Attachment for Goniometer
Bubble Level Attachment for Goniometer..
Cast Boot Vinyl Closed-Toe Medium
This boot provides both closed toe and heel with a moisture resistant vinyl upper * Three layer EVA ..
Digital Absolute + Axis Goniometer (Built- In)
The integral absolute vertical and horizontal levels are permanently incorporated into the digital ..
Elastic Knee Support Black Small  12 -14
This one way stretch elastic knee support is designed to offer basic stabilization of the knee joint..
EZ Access Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp 2'
2' x 29.5 * Curbs 1 Step * This ultra-strong single-fold ramp provides the safety and strength re..
Fixed Arm Trough Foam Pad Right
Right Arm Trough * Provides front of hand protection * Black molded heavy-duty plastic with black..
Goniometer 12  Absolute+Axis
Goniometer 12 Absolute+Axis..
Goniometer 12  Absolute+Axis HI-Res
Goniometer 12 Absolute+Axis HI-Res..
Jobst Ultrasheer 15-20mmHG Pantyhose Antracite Small
Pantyhose * Antracite * 15-20 mmHg * Small * Ankle Circimference 7 - 8 1/4 Thigh Circumference 15..
Safety Sure Transfer Belt Medium 32  - 48
Medium * Non sheep skin lined * 32 -48 * 4 Wide * Used primarily to help patients get up and sit do..