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Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus w/Bitter Solution Kit
Bitter Kit includes 1 each of the following: FT-31 Sensitivity Solution (55ml bottle) FT-32 (Fit Te..
Qualitative Fit Test Apparatus w/Sweet Solution Kit
Sweet Kit includes 1 each of t he following: FT-11 Sensitivity Solution (55ml bottle) FT-12 (Fit Te..
Squeeze 4 Strength 5# Md Soft Hand Therapy Putty Dark Beige
Squeeze-4-Strength Therapy Putty can be squeezed stretched twisted or pinched * An excellent thera..
Walker Extension Legs (Set 4)  (Mfgr+ACM-10108)
Without wheels * set of 4 * Makes height adjustments from 34 to 41 on a standard adult walker * Al..